Ever wondered how life would be if everyone around you recognized your talent and understand how you really feel when you do what you love rather than taking it as a hobby or waste of time?it,

Well, I’ve thought about that so much. Still,the world prefer to run behind money and respect those who have plenty of it. Searching for happiness outside.

Well ,how can you expect something to give you happiness when you are actually burying those things that you love inside and doing those things you hate the most. Are we born to struggle our whole life?. Is that what the purpose of our life is?.

I hate this world seriously. I hate it a lot because it made me the person who I’m not. It made me different from who I really am. I hate running behind money. But, circumstances just pushed me to do what I hate and drifted me apart from what I love. I’m sick of it.

I’m not the person who I’m now. I always hoped for betterment. I’m not the one whom I thought I was and I hate my whole life. So soon. I’ve struggled all these years for my passion and after striking twenty and soon to be married isn’t just a piece of cake you know.

And worse is all these happening when you’re an Indian and love in India. I just can’t bear to imagine my whole life just carried away working the job I hate for my family or worse be a house maker.

This isn’t me. The worst part is leaving my single mom behind who’s 56 years old and raised me lovingly all these years.

Our people are so sentimental, sensitive and emotional. It isn’t that easy for a middle class girl with no background in media industry and also not financially good to achieve her dreams even after a lot of hardworking.

Honestly speaking I’ve kept a few barriers which defines my character and if I wanted to be the person whom I wanted to, I must break those barriers.

But, if I did it, many would get hurt including my would be husband and my mom. Sometimes I wish I should’ve born in some other country. Love of my life understands how I feel and he always says,”You made a terrible mistake by meeting me. You shouldn’t have met you. I’m not the one you deserve. You should’ve gone where you deserve and should be doing what you love.”.

But, nothing can change now isn’t it?. Just hoping to balance between personal and professional life and also following my passion side by side.

Like Gandhi’s words ‘BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE ‘ . Gonna try it in my life once and know where I can go. Hope you’ll follow me in all my barriers and support me with your love. I’m Kiruthika and I’m gonna tie the knot in 3 months from now. Stay with me to know more”.


Hope you guys loved this prologue of mine. I’m happy to say that I’m gonna continue it as a fiction and I would love to know how you liked it. So please do comment on this story and let me know how you feel.

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When I get irritated …

Whenever you read a mystery,or a thriller, many might’ve wondered one thing, how do the authors think a story with so many twists and turns…

It may seem so real sometimes we even tend to imagine as if its happening around us. I’m such an author. Well, I don’t want my readers get uncomfortable to visualise the characters. So, I draw comics for them to get more comfortable with what I think.

My thriller comics are a hit. Today, I’m gonna sign for my fans in my new comic copies. I hope no one comes to me and asks this question, “How did you get such a great story with so many twists and turns”.

I get irritated by that. And when I get irritated…. Haha….. You don’t wanna know.

So, now I’m on my way to the book shop. As I drove close by I can see a big queue waiting for me outside the book shop. I can see a huge smile in their faces as they saw me coming.

This is my moment. As I got down the car, my past memories suddenly passed through my mind.

It happened when I was in high school and no one really cared about me or my writings much. In fact, I dated the school’s most popular guy. His name is Vipin. He was cute,charming and above all he was rich.

He was a very nice person except for one thing he always did to me. He used to insult my writings a lot. He used to stay stuffs like ‘Is this even have a logic?’ and ‘ Come on, write something that’s less awkward and boring please ‘.

I get irritated whenever he says that. But, I kept calm for so long. One day, when my story got published for the very first time, I was so happy. But, what happened that day was so much disappointing.

The publishers said that my books didn’t got the reach as they expected it would be. But, they were good enough to give me a chance to write another story.

I wanted it to be the best and I don’t want anyone to dislike it. I want to keep it real. That’s when Vipin did something he shouldn’t have. He irritated me. I haven’t thought much when he insulted me before. But now when he insulted my writings, I couldn’t stand it anymore.

“I told you to quit writings. You aren’t keeping it real. Don’t you get that?”, he said.

Suddenly, a strange thought crossed my mind.

With a smile in my face, I said,” You want me to keep it real don’t you?. Why couldn’t you help me?”.

Saying so I pushed him down, then I grabbed a knife I had nearby.

“What the hell are you doing?. Are you insane?”, he asked.

” Hush…. I have only one chance to be a writer and you asked me to keep it real don’t you?. Die for me and give me a great plot to write”,saying so I stabbed him once.


I stabbed him thrice. Still I didn’t get enough for the insult he gave me.

STAB!!!….STAB!!!…STAB!!!…… He now screamed a lot. Now that is a music to my ears.

I got a great plot. He groaned in pain. With blood stained hands I took a paper and pen.

I started writing my own story and my irritating boyfriend. I also wrote how I hid his body. That story got a great reach. So that’s how I got my story and sometimes I get a great plot by keeping it real.

Now back to present, I march towards the book shop with a triumphant walk, like no one ever could’ve achieved anything mor than me. While I signed the copies of the book. A girl came to me and she asked,”Woah. It was an awesome story. How did you get such a plot?”.

I smiled at her and said,”I write when I get irritated”.

“And what makes you get irritated?”, she asked.

I smiled and replied,” Trust me. You don’t wanna know”.


Kiruthika Nagesh

Lover’s blogs!!…


Cherishing what you have, is more important in a relationship. Because, everyone loves to be loved like eternal. If you deserve to get loved so much, it’s your duty to return the same to your partner too…

In my blog today, I’m gonna list out a few important things I’ve known in love from my experiences…

A friend of mine, let her name be anonymous. She is so in love with a guy whom she have known for a while. She doesn’t knew she is interested in him at first. But, as the conversations grew, she realised that she is in love with him. But, hasn’t expressed how she feels for him. Because she is afraid he might not accept and she isn’t secure about her life. She wanted to get a job and wanted to express her love in a very interesting way.

Lets put that aside. Now, her doubt is…whether this guy is interested in her or not. Well, by the conversations he made with her, I’ve cleared that he’s definitely interested in her. But, he is also in the same way as she feels.

He wants to have a job and have a life for himself first. Even though, he didn’t express how he feels he tries and stays in touch with her. They’ve not met for a very long time.

But, he never missed to wish her on her birthday and always talks to her on and off. But, my friend is still not sure whether he loves her or not.

Well, girls out there should know one thing. If a guy doesn’t like you, they’ll say it openly. They would know you’re interested in them by the way we speak with them.

Well, if we went too expressive on our feelings and drop a too many hints. So,notice how that guy talks to you. If he tries to flirt with you most of the time, it’s obvious he is interested in you.

Why else a boy who’s far away would talk like that?. Come on doesn’t he have a girl to flirt with near his place?. So please don’t confuse yourselves on this.

If he’s not expressing his love openly, then you better give him some time for him to get settled or do whatever he wishes to achieve. You, on the other side should achieve what you love to do and you should become that independent woman which any guy would love to have as his life partner.

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Kiruthika Nagesh

The Lady in the street

I always had this habit of grasping words that others say and weave a story around it. I can’t remember from when I had this habit, but I’m quite sure I’ve had it long enough that now I’ve became an expert in it.

I write my stories in this way because I could say that my readers could relate themselves to it. Because, the main theme would be a word said out of emotions by someone. Everyone would’ve experienced saying that word in some point and they’ll feel the story as if it were their’s.

I’ve got used to this habit for quite a long time so now I’ve a strong fan base for my stories. I love writing.

One such day, I was walking down the road which I usually walk through everyday to get to work. But, today I saw a familiar looking person stand at the pavement and stare at me.

I’m not quite sure who she is, but I could tell she is new here. I had this feeling as if I’ve known her for a long time.

However, I don’t wanna over think it. So, I headed to work. On my way back in the evening she wasn’t there. “Might be some homeless person”, I thought to myself and went home.

After finishing my dinner, I headed to bed. That night, I couldn’t sleep for some reason. I don’t know why. That women’s stare kept on haunting me for some reason. Come on guys, you know how it feels when some creepy looking person stands still and stares you.

I was awake a long time but soon dozed off out of tiredness. In my dream, I saw that women. She was there standing at the same pavement as in the morning and stares at me as she did before.

But, this time she looks a bit different. She said something.

” I…..You……Relate…….Knife……Blood… Murder!!!…… Soul…..”, she said it in a really eerie voice.

I shook and woke up. It was scary though.

But I thought that dream came because I was so obsessed with stories and she seemed creepy enough for me to weave around a story. Besides those words too…seemed creepy enough that I was satisfied that I could give a great plot story for my readers.

So, I decided to write the story. But, for some reason I couldn’t write it.

I had work continuously. So, I decided to postpone it to the evening. But, to be aware not to forget to write the story, I took my notepad and noted the words she said.

In the evening, I expected to see her. But, she wasn’t there. Disappointed I went home and cooked dinner. After finishing it, I sat down to write. But, unknowingly I slept. Today too I got the same dream. I saw her today too. But,this time she said something else.

“had….should…..this…..isn’t….must….you….should”, this is all she said.

It has no meaning. Because, all she said was a bunch of helping verbs. What she said before was even around some plot. I woke up confused.

But, for some reason I noted those words too. Soon, it became a daily routine for me. I would sit down to write but without my knowledge I would doze off. She would appear in my dream daily to say something.

A week later, I had no dreams of her. I hadn’t wrote the story too. I was so disappointed. So, I decided to take leave and write the story.

This time, I made sure no one disturbed me. I sat down to write. That’s when, my phone rang. It was my colleague Sen.

She must’ve called me to ask the new plot for her story. Since I was on leave to work, she called me. I assumed it.

” What is it Sen?. I told you not to disturb me today. Don’t you know I am busy?”, I asked.

“Sorry to disturb you. But, I’ve to tell you something. It’s about that creepy looking women and those dreams you had”, she told.

” What is it? “, I asked.

” Well, about that… There is a story similar to what you said. The story says that once she appears in front of you it is because she is asking for something. But, she is too shy to ask it so she appears in your dream and ask it. It may be good sometimes. But, you ne’er know how everything else goes….”, she read.

“Woah. Is it?. How can I find out what she asked?”, I asked her.

” Well, it says here that once she disappears, she already told you everything she wanted. You’ve not given it yet and she would come and take it as she pleased. Her patience is now gone.”, she said.

“It is creepy. But, what could’ve she asked me?”, I asked her.

” You’ve to find out by yourself “, she said.

” But, be careful “, she added.

” I will”, I said and disconnected.

As I put the phone aside, I took out the notepad in which I’ve wrote everything she told me.

I couldn’t figure out what those scattered words meant. I used my brain hard to figure out what it might be.

Soon, an idea struck in my mind. I figured out one common relation between those words. They seem to be continuous. They seem so much like matrix.

So, I wrote first day’s first word as the first word of the sentence and second day’s first word as second letter in the first sentence I wrote.

I kept on weaving words in such a manner and found out till the last word and I finally did it.

It took me about 2-3 hours.

I started reading it. It said,”I had a very terrible past. You should feel pity about me. Relate this with a story of someone you know and help me now. Knife isn’t sharp enough to take out what I wanted. Blood must spill out and it is the only way. Murder!!!… you for your soul?, Never. Soul should be sad if I did so, give it out of your own wish or I’ll take it out the way I wish!!!”.


Kiruthika Nagesh

Kevin’s birthday….

It’s a birthday party in Kevin’s house. Everyone is getting comfortable after a hearty meal and dancing. Since Kevin is from a royal background, no liquor is allowed.

I’ve visited his house often when I was a child. But, after grown up and busy, I never actually got a chance to meet up. I sat in a rolling chair and I stretched my legs on a couch nearby the table.

I felt so relieved as I saw many of my childhood friends here. We spoke our hearts out,laughed,giggled and even teased each other. I never felt so relieved before.

“Hey Scarlet, it’s so good to be here. So bad some refused to come”, said one of my childhood friends.

“I told you there isn’t anything to worry about”, I said.

After that, Kevin came by my side.

” Is everyone enjoying?”, he asked.

“Yes, they do. I think I did my job good”, I said.

” Not yet sweetie, we’ve more to do”, he smiled and winked at me.

I smiled at him and said,”I’ll do my best for you”.

Then, Kevin nodded at me and left to the kitchen.

“Hey Scarlet!”, called out Zee.

“Hey Zee”, I said.

“Thank you for inviting me”, Zee said.

“Please don’t mention it”, I said.

“No seriously, I would have not done this if I were you”, she said.

” Oh right Zee, forget it”, I said.

“Would you mind if I ask you something?”, she asked.

“Yes?”, I asked.

” Can I know what made you forgive all of us?”, she said.

I smiled at her and said,”Well, actually I’ve to tell everyone a story. Hey everyone could you all gather around at the middle of Kevin’s house?. I would like to tell you all a story”.

Everyone hearing my announcement, gathered around and sat. I, being the story teller today, sat in a coach in the middle. Everyone sat in circle around me. Kevin stood at the corner of the room and looked at me as I begin the story.

“I would like to start the story when me and Kevin first met…. It’s his birthday after all….

It happened about two years ago when Kevin joined the same college where I was studying my Post graduate.

He seemed quite,kind and also very interested in his studies. I found him interesting at first. But, I hid it when everyone else called out names on him. Everyone kept on saying he was a weirdo and a nerd.

I don’t found a valid reason but I thought I may become unpopular if I supported him. That was the big mistake I did…

Because, me being a popular kid, would’ve made Kevin popular too if I dated him that day. But, I didn’t…

Later I found out that some people targeted him and some others followed them because they are popular….

Slow by slow, teasing become bullying, bullying became cyber bullying and everyone and everything was against my Kevin. Which I thought would be fine with Kevin. But, I never thought Kevin would have got mentally disturbed a lot. He began to suffer from depression.

Which I failed to notice….

By the time, I noticed, it was too late. But, I thought I could do something about it. So, I confessed my love for him on his last birthday and promised to make him popular.

So, trying to add up some friends in his life, I came to you people to come to his house on his birthday last year…

Everyone came, spoke and did everything you pleased. Everyone got along with Kevin so well, I was so happy that day. I was happy that I could stand by the man I loved the most…

But, I ne’er guessed your plan for making that invitation a murder!!…”

“It wasn’t a murder Scar, Please, don’t remind us that day”, Johnny said.

“Hiding something like that would be an insult to the dead one’s memory.”

I said and continued,”Well, he told you no drinking in his house, he said that because he is from a royal family!! and you people made fun of him for his ways and culture!!…

You people are never better than him!!…. You forcefully made him get drunk, took off his clothes and clicked naked and weird pictures of him and posted it online…

Because of you people, my Kevin committed suicide!!!….”saying so, I cried.


“Hey, I know how you feel..But, that’s why we all gathered today as you wished…”, Zee said.

” You’re right, you all gathered here today to make me and Kevin happy. When I think about those time when I failed to help Kevin in the beginning when he got teased at first, I feel frustrated!!!… When I think I didn’t help Kevin when you depressed him the most, I was depressed. But, today seeing you all here make me get relived…. I would feel more relived if I ripped your faces for him!!!”, saying so I pulled out a rod that I had been hiding inside the couch.

I hit Zee’s face hard with it. Everyone screamed and tried to escape.

“Nobody can escape!!!. Kevin’s here too. You can’t leave this house!!!”, I said.

” This girl must be crazy. We all agreed to come without even thinking you might have a deadly plan”, one of the boys said.

“You people deserve more evil than this!!… But, Kevin asks me to take it easy with you all. He is kindhearted you see…”, saying so I kept on killing everyone by hitting them non stop.

Kevin grabbed a boy too but, I stopped him saying,” No sweetie, he is all mine to finish. You shouldn’t kill anyone. Just sit back and relax. Its your present for your birthday by me. He smiled at me and sat back.

Half an hour later, after everyone lost their lives, I saw Zee struggling hard to die.

“You were so proud about your beauty aren’t you Zee?. That’s why you kept on pestering Kevin. I know liked him because of his money. You were the one who started the rumours and made him unpopular because you thought he would e single and you could lay hands on him once you graduate. But, you were shocked when I proposed to him.

So, you made Kevin’s birthday miserable and made him suffer for not choosing you…

But, now Kevin’s with me. I love him truly so he is with me now even after dying. I feel so relived today!!”…

Saying so, I hit her hard and made sure it was the last to make her die. I feel so relived…..


Kiruthika Nagesh

Pure Child….

Our love is like a child to me…

Because, it’s my first love and Michale’s too…

We were so in love for about 4 years…

Neither of us ever cheated nor played with our feelings…

Our feelings for each other hasn’t faded till now….

We fell in love more and more each day….

But,then recently things changed…

We weren’t loving each other as before…

We were drifting apart a lot… Neither of us wanted it to end so we continued pretending to love each other….

But, then I realized that if we kept on acting and pretending to love each other…

So, I decided to end it somehow one day…

I was so careful not to hurt his feelings… So, I bought his favourite dish when I returned home. But, as I reached to knock at the door happily, I found it wasn’t locked.

As I opened the door silently, I heard him giggling….

Not only him…. Also a female giggling voice too…

My heart began to beat so fast… Praying to god, hoping what I heard wouldn’t be true…. I gathered all my courage and went inside the house…

I dropped the food I bought in horror. It was what I thought. I saw him cheating on me with another women. A women whom I’ve never seen before.

My heart broke. I was so emotionless because my brain got stuck for a second. I never knew how I would react to such a situation because I’ve never imagined my Michael will do this to me.

Seeing me there, Michael stood and came to me…

“Sorry dear….we can talk…I can explain”, he kept on saying.

I held my hand in front of him to ask him to stop…

” I thought you’d be honest with me. You could’ve said to me Michael!!… I’ve been with you for four years and the love we made together has its own value”, I shouted.

“Fine!. Do whatever you want…. Thank you for being with me all along and dumping me in such a grossest and evilest manner!. I’ll leave…”, I said and went out.

He came running behind me shouting,” Sorry dear, I wouldn’t do that again. Please come back to me. Its just a one time thing. We’ve not known each other before”.

But, I don’t want to hear anything. I just kept on walking.

After I went out of sight from Michael, I called my bestie ….

“Anna, Can I stay at your place tonight?”, I asked with a shivering voice that she noticed that I was crying.

” What happened to you?”, she asked.

“Michael cheated on me. I’ll tell you everything later…”, I said.

” Oh my god!. What??…Okay…okay…Don’t worry I’ll come to get you. Where are you now?”, she asked.

“I’m near the Polly square lane”, I said.

” Wait right there, I’ll come and pick you up”, she said and hung up.

While I was waiting for her, I heard a girl crying out so loud for help.

I turned towards which direction it came from.

“Please help me!”, the sound came.

I walked towards that direction. I saw a little girl who’s about 4-5 years old, lie on the floor.

“What’s your name?”, I asked.

” I…My….My parents did this to me…”, saying so she showed me her hand. There was a deep cut on her palm. Also there were many cuts on her body.

“Oh my god!. What’s this?. How could anyone be so cruel?. Would you like to come with me for tonight?. I’ll let you stay with me. We’ll go to a safer place tomorrow”, I said.

” I don’t wanna come with you mama!. You’re so cruel. You and dad are gonna kill me soon”, she said.

“I’m not your mom!. What are you talking about?. I don’t even know you!. Are you crazy?”, I asked.

” No mom!. I’m not crazy. You’re crazy!!. You and dad are the ones who gave life to me. You are my mom and Michale is my dad.”, she said.

“I don’t understand!”, I said.

” I’m your love story mom. I got life first when you and dad fell in love and expressed your feelings for each other. There are many love stories like me for each couple. We’ll live happily and keep on growing for each love anniversary of the couple from which we born. We’ll get a scar each time when the couples fight. If it was a small fight and if the couple forgot about the fight, our scar will get healed. If the fight got over and the couple didn’t get over it mentally, the scar won’t get healed ever. We will die when a couple breaks up”, she said.

I couldn’t believe what she was saying. Even thought it sounded crazy, I wanted to know whether it was real, so I asked her this question,” If what you say is true, I wanted to ask you something…Tell me why I loved your father so much? “.

” Well, if you want me to be honest, you love him with all your heart because he never made you feel alone and never restricted you from doing what you love even though it sounded stupid. Like the time you wanted to dance while you were stuck in traffic, in the middle of the road and the time when you decide whether to become an artist or a writer. He agrees with you every time”, she said.

I laughed and almost blushed…

“I believe you. So, what happens to you if both people in the couple dies?”, I asked.

” We won’t die after them. Because, as long as others speak about that couple’s love story, we’ll live until that. We’ll fade away if the couple breaks up and finds another partner for themselves or if others forgot about their love story after their death. But, mom. Trust me. Dad never wanted to cheat on you. That women seduced him. You should go to him.

He loves you with your whole heart. Go to him and make me live mom. You made me live for 4 years and please don’t kill me now. You gave life to me mom. Don’t become the murderer of your own child”, she said.

But, I wasn’t satisfied.

“I could’ve forgiven him if he did anything except cheating on me. Sorry dear. You’ll always be inside my thoughts as a beautiful memory. I can’t do this anymore. I think its time for you to go”, saying so I walked away.

After that crazy night, I’ve not spoken to or seen Michale. I’m sure he wanted to break up as much as I wanted. I’m now living with my friend Anna. She keeps urging me to patch up with him. But, I couldn’t just agree to that.

The next day, a shocking news arrived. Michale was found dead in a car accident with his new girlfriend.

Weird ‘ , thought to myself.

Although I felt worried and sad, for some reason, I didn’t feel for him.

Anna was going out of town today so I helped her pack the bags and she left. She asked me to be more careful.

After she left, I was busy doing the house chores and when I came to the couch it was pretty late.

I tried to watch some TV, that’s when I heard someone knocking at the door.

” Who’s that?.”, I shouted.

“Its me open the door”, the voice said.

I couldn’t recognize who that was but it was a familiar voice. So, unintentionally I opened the door.

I froze as I saw who stood behind the door. It was my love story.

” What are you doing here?”, I asked.

“Sorry mom. I killed dad because he was the main reason for you to accept in killing me. I’m now here for your soul mom. I’ll die soon. I still am alive because I killed dad before he could confess his love for the girl he have been dating after cheating on you”, she said.

” Oh no!. Please don’t kill me. Please have mercy”, I cried.

“Did you had mercy when you broke up and was ready to kill me?. You couples don’t understand a thing. It may seem easy for you as you people will keep on killing us and giving life to new ones like us with new partners. If you can’t rise a child till the end, then you don’t have to give birth to it. You people have that courage and hope that your love will last lifetime at the beginning of a relationship. But, you aren’t ready to face the gap and arguments that arises between you and are not ready to face each other’s flaws and accept the other person’s imperfections.

The long lived love story is Romeo and Juliet’s. That love story is more than a century old. But,nowadays we love stories are dying so young. Despite others, I came to you and begged you to give me a life. But, you didn’t care about me. Then, why should I show mercy to you?. Now I’ll kill you and make your friends talk about your love story. In that way, I’ll remain alive while you and father will be sleeping in grave”, saying so she stung me hard with a sword….

As my heart beat faded, I could hear her say,”Sorry mom. But, I love to live forever as your pure love story …”




Susi’s story

Always getting tired and frustrated after a long talk. Whatever I say goes in vain as everyone and everything around me is so perfect except me. At least they think they are perfect. But, I couldn’t take it the same way. Because, you know I’m that kind of person who talks out what my mind thinks. I talk what others are afraid to talk. I got bad reputations for being like this. Even more controversies as I’m a girl.

Whenever someone asks me why I am so mean to everyone who advise me, well, you’ve got the answer there. I hate people who come and advise me all of a sudden. Those people weren’t there whenever I needed them. I always tried to explain my point of you to others. But, there is no one to hear what you think or they don’t even care about you unless you’re rich or dead.

It changed me from a sweet girl to a mean one. There is no way for others to judge my character as I am clean physically and mentally. Everyone hates me just because I do what I love to and I won’t let anyone else to come in my way. Not many are out there like me. So, those who run rat race for jobs and are sacrificing and wasting their whole lives envy me.

I’m a nobody right now. Just nobody. I have a dream to be fulfilled and I’m searching it. At first I would care so much about what others say and how they might think about me. But, now I’ve got used to it and am acting repulsive over it.

Not to mention the times when I shut myself inside a room and cry my heart out. Just moving on….

My name is Susi and I’m gonna tell you people my story in the upcoming chapters that is if you wish to hear more…. Just leave a comment that you need to know my story….

To be continued…


Kiruthika Nagesh