The Evil Twin…

Three days. Only three days are left. I’ve to prove myself. I am a nobody right now. All I have is my pen and paper. If I let go of this chance I wouldn’t able to survive.
So, I started writing. I wrote my own encounter with something not quite human.
It all started a few years back,when I was in my highschool freshmen year.
My name is Kate. My dad and mom were of high standards and obviously I was popular.
Everything went well, till I met her…
Her name is Jane. I don’t talk to her a lot. But, people say weird things about her. I ignored all that thinking its just another one of highschool dramas. But, one day I saw her getting bullied by cheer leading captain. I went forward to help her.

Once the bully went away, I helped Jane get up . She smiled warmly at me and said, “Thank you”. From that day, I began talking with her. Eventually, I realised she wasn’t as weird as they say.
She is a good girl indeed. We became great friends after that.

After a few months, Jane stopped talking to me and ignored me. I was perplexed. I dunno the reason. Whenever I approached her, she would simply ignore me and leave. It hurt a lot but I decided to drift away and I convinced myself thinking she must be crazy or weird as they say. A few years later, a strange curse fell upon my family.

Each and every member in my family died in unnatural ways.
It made me more depressed. I couldn’t find out what was the reason behind that.
After two years, I lost all the members of my family, I got a phone call from a hospital.

The nurse said that there was a patient in the hospital who wants to see me so badly. I thought that might be any of my distant relatives, whom I might not know. I was so glad to hear that someone in this world is there for me. I rushed to the hospital and when I entered the room, I froze…

It was Jane. I was so happy and worried at the same time. Tears ran out of my eyes. I went forward and hugged her. “Where have you been?. Why did you ignored me?”, I asked anxiously.

” I’m….I’m so sorry Kate…I did something terrible to you!!”, saying so she cried out loud.

“What are you talking about??”, I asked.

” I am the reason for you to lose your family!!”, she said.

“WHAT??!!!”, I said that out loud in utter shock.

” Kate, I had a twin sister. We both loved each other a lot. Her name was Angie. One day, she died of cancer. I was so broken at that time and all I would pray was a chance for me to see my Angie again. But, when all my holy spirit hope went away, I did something which I shouldn’t have done….

I prayed to the demon!. I asked him to give me my Angie back. He did gave her back to me. But, she wasn’t the Angie I loved.

She was then under the demon’s spell. So, she tortured me a lot. She had forbidden me from talking to anyone. Even though she was evil, she would not let anyone else hurt me. But, when you helped me and when we were happy, she got jealous of us. She grew possessive of me. So, she asked me not to talk to you or she threatened that she would take away everything from you. So, I tried and avoided you. But, she then realised that she couldn’t separate our love for each other.

So, she killed everyone you had. I asked her to stop and she said,” I will spare Kate if you agreed to live by my side always” So, I agreed to that. I wanted to see you one last time and so did I called you. You won’t see me anymore…”, Jane said with tears filled in her eyes.

“No,no, no Jane. Please don’t say that. I don’t wanna lose you again”, I pleaded.


I came back to present from flashback.
Someone knocked at my door. I paused my writing and got up to open my door.
It was Jane!. I was so happy to see her.

” Hey welcome dear, I was writing our story for my competition “, saying so I invited her inside.

Confused??. Well, after that day at the hospital, Jane was determined to let her sister sleep in peace. So she did every possible way and now she is free from Angie and we have each other now.

Jane took my writing and glanced at it.

“So, what do you think?”, I asked.

“Well, it is good. But, I would like to add something after this”, Jane said.

” OK. Go ahead!”, I said.

” After Kate left the hospital, Jane looked to her right side to see her so long gone sister Angie smile at her in a very creepy manner. Jane was so kind and she really did loved Kate for some reason which threatened Angie more”.

At this time, Jane’s tone grew really creepy.

She continued,”So, Angie decided to spare Kate if Jane traded her soul for Kate’s”, she paused.

“And, Jane gladly agreed. Jane is now in the hell getting tortured forever and Angie took her place to gain Kate’s trust to kill her!”.

I froze.

I lifted my head in fear just to see Jane’s eyes red as blood…



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