Yazhi’s Pride ….

Recently, I came across an interesting topic. Which many of us isn’t know. It is the pride of Tamil Nadu and its even our rights to know about it.

Have you ever imagined taming a lion all by yourself?. Sounds crazy right?.

But, before centuries ago, our ancestors tamed lions, tigers and other wild animals as house pets. Yes, it happened. But, what I’m gonna speak about is even more fascinating and shocking at the same time.

Whenever you go to a temple,have you ever took glance at the pillar carvings there?. If you have, then you must’ve noticed a strange creature with a long tusk like Elephant’s and a face like lion above which a man would be taming?.

Yes,its YAZHI. A creature that lived centuries ago. When Lamoria(also called as Kumari Kandam) existed.

We all know that this island existing centuries ago. This creatures also lived there.

The most shocking thing to hear is that our ancestors, tamed them like a dog. These creatures are very large in size. One Yazhi is equal to 50 elephants. I’ve enclosed a picture of Yazhi below.

As you can see in that image, Elephants below are like a puppy in front of Yazhi.

And in another image you can see a man sitting above Yazhi and taming it.

You might be wondering how a man can tame such a big animal. Well, believe it or not, they tamed those animals with their inner feelings and minds.

More like hypnotising. Its obvious that Tamilians knew more techniques before technologies popped up.

Many don’t know about these Yazhis. Thought of sharing it. Later when the flood engulfed Lamoria inside the sea,most of these creatures drowned and died.

Some creatures which escaped this flood, couldn’t adapt with the upcoming evolution and eventually became extinct.

Proud to be a Tamilian and it is a right for every Tamilian to know about this creature.

Feel proud!!!.




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