It was a Saturday night. I’ve applied a job on babysitting. So, I checked through my e-mail to know whether anyone could call upon me.

Just then, I got a mail from an I’d named Jake52.

He enclosed his house address and asked me to babysit his child for one day till Sunday evening. I asked for payment and he said he would pay me $100 for one day.

That was a good pay. So, instantly I agreed. He asked me to be present at his house within half an hour. So, I started from my house.

That place must be quite far away from my house. I should say. After travelling through a very creepy lonesome road.

I came to a mansion. Just then I got call from Jake.

“So sorry. We already left. But, my son is inside. So take care of him well. I will transfer the money to your account. Just make sure he eats at the proper time as we scheduled for him”,he said.

“No problem. You don’t have to worry. I’ve reached just now and I’ll take care”, I said.

Then, I got inside the gates of the mansion. Then,walked to the road. There was no other houses or stores nearby which made me think how could they live in such a lonesomeness.

I knocked at the door. Twice.

After a pause, somebody opened the door. It was a small boy. He looked pale though.

“Hello!. Your parents sent you here to babysit you. My name’s Violet”, I said.

“My parents sent you?”, he asked.

” Yes they did!”, I said.

“They told someone would come. But, I didn’t knew it would be this soon”, he said.

” Actually I’m a bit late and that’s why your parents left. Can I come in?”, I asked.

He looked up at me and opened the door fully. Then said,”Come in”, in a very pale tone.

When I went inside I noticed everything in the house looked so ancient. They must be from some royal background.

“Where is the kitchen. Have you ate something?. Let me make something for you. Ask me what you want”, I said.

” Well, I am not hungry now. Let us play for some time”, he said.

“Okay but your dad told me to feed you correctly”, I said.

“You don’t have to worry. He always says that. I’ll ask you what I want when I’m hungry”, he said.

Then, he went inside and came out with a board in his hands.

” What is this game?”, I asked.

“It’s a game called who? Killed who?”, he said.

” Mmm….Sounds interesting. Can you tell me the game rules?”, I asked.

He smiled widely at me and placed the board in front of me.

“There are three players. Two will try to go to the heaven at the end. But, one will try and kill the other two and drag into hell. The one who passes through all the obstacles and reaches heaven wins”, he said.

He took the dice and looked at me.

” Well, who is the third player?. There are only two of us”, I asked.

“There is a third player. He is sitting opposite to us. Can’t you see?”, he asked.

I froze at first. Then turned to see who was sitting before us. But, there was none. I’ve encountered such events in my previous babysitting experiences. One kid claimed there was a man in the hallway at the night. But, turned out to be their over imaginative mind.

I just acted along and said,” I can see him now. Let’s play”.

He smiled at me and handed dice to me and said,”You first “.

I gladly took up the dice and rolled them. At first I got a twelve.

” You can’t move the dice until you get one at first”, he said.

Then, I handed the dice to him and he rolled one. He moved his dice. Then, he asked me,”Look at him. He’s frowning. Thinking I might win”.

I just looked at the blank space before us and said,”Yes. Yes. I can see him”.

Then,he asked me to roll the dice. This time I got one. And I moved my coin.

Then,the boy rolled and got twelve. This time he said,”Oh no. I’ve entered near one of the Hell’s gate. It was a narrow escape”.

I smiled at him and we kept on playing. For about 16 minutes, we were playing dumb. I wanted the game to end soon. I was feeling so sleepy.

I decided to die and make him win.

When I rolled a two and entered one of the Hell’s gates…The boy seemed so happy.

“You made me so happy!!!. You made me go to heaven!!”, he said.

” I’m hungry right now. I’m so hungry!!!”, he said.

“Okay. I will go to the kitchen and make you something”, saying so, I went inside the Kitchen.

Just then, I got a call from the child’s dad.

“Hey how’s the kid?”, he asked.

“He is fine”, I said.

“Has he eaten anything?”, he asked.

” Just now making dinner”, I said.

“That’s great”, he said.

“Just one more thing. Why is he so obsessed with that game who killed who?”, I asked.

” What game you said?. I’ve not remembered him having such a game”, he said.

“Oh okay. I think I will leave by tomorrow evening 6 from cherry lane.”, I said.

“Violet, can you get out of the house right now?”, he asked.

“Why?. What happened?”, I asked.

” You’re on the wrong house Violet!!!. Our house was in Cherry road and you’re in cherry lane!”, he said.

Just then I turned to see the kid with pale black eyes saying, “I’m hungry!!!”.




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